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buildings emerge as drivers of health and profits

by Scott Muldavin, Chris R. Miers, and Ken McMackin,Corporate Real Estate Journal, 2017

This paper describes and documents a methodology for assessing the financial performance of health-and-wellness investments that can be used to analyze property and portfolio decisions.

The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us, by Joel Kotkin

Book Review by Roy Schneiderman, Real Estate Issues Special Edition, 2016

Schneiderman reviews The Human City for its major themes—children, crowding, and choice—and discusses what Kotkin does and does not achieve.

It Used to be Simple: Investors' Economic Motivations have Gotten Complicated

by Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Newsletter, September 2014

Real estate investors are more varied, complex, and multi-faceted than they used to be and investment managers must understand their objectives. Schneiderman offers a synopsis of real estate investors’ motivations in today’s market.

The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream is Moving, by Leigh Gallagher

Book review by Roy Schneiderman, Real Estate Issues, 2014

Schneiderman reviews The End of the Suburbs and its anecdotal discussion of factors impacting the American residential real estate sector.

Chapter 16: Trends in Real Estate Compensation 

by Roy Schneiderman & Amy Wells, Private Equity International’s Private Equity Compensation and Incentives, April 2012

In this chapter, Schneiderman and Wells review current manager and general partner compensation trends for various investment strategies and vehicles in the real estate equity arena with regard to private equity deal structures in general, and manager compensation in particular.

Super Senior Advice

by Robin Marriott, Profile on Bard Consulting, PERE, June 2011

PERE profiles a selection of professionals from the US and Europe who investors see as in-demand super-senior consultants, including Roy Schneiderman of Bard Consulting, who is recognized as a leading independent fiduciary for public and private investors.

Investment Manager Co-Investment: Does Co-Investment Really Help to Align the Interests of Investors and a Manager?

by Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Letter – North America, April 2011

While requiring manager co-investment in institutional real estate ventures may sometimes serve to align manager and investor interests, this is not always the case. Here, Schneiderman explains when co-investments have negligible impact, when they create misalignment, and when they are beneficial.

Call in the Bench: In Times of Trouble, Special Project Consultants Offer a Second Opinion

by Roy Schneiderman and Faye Beverett, The Institutional Real Estate Letter – North America, January 2009

Project consultants (Independent Fiduciaries) can be a useful tool for institutional real estate investors when there is a need for specialized investment expertise, the primary real estate consultant has a conflict, timing issues necessitate using a new firm, or when an investor simply wants a fresh perspective or a second opinion. Schneiderman and Beverett explain the benefits of specialized consultants in the post-crisis real estate market.