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Due Diligence

Chapter 5: Choosing the Advisor

by Faye Beverett and Roy Schneiderman, The Advisor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate, April 2014

Real estate investors are more varied, complex, and multi-faceted than they used to be and investment managers must understand their objectives. Schneiderman offers a synopsis of real estate investors’ motivations in today’s market.

Assessing Manager Operational Risk: Up-front Analysis Pays Off on the Back End

by Faye Beverett and Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Letter – North America, June 2012

Beverett and Schneiderman argue that institutional investors are overlooking key operational aspects in their manager due diligence and that in-depth operations reviews of asset decision-making procedures, investment vehicle back-office systems, and major internal decision processes pays off in the end.

Chapter 11: Key Considerations in Joint Venture Projects

by Roy Schneiderman and Dean Altshuler, PhD, PERE’s Real Estate Mathematics, October 2011

Joint-venture structures are typically, but not exclusively, used for development or redevelopment projects and this chapter covers both the simple and complex mathematical issues related to allocations, waterfalls, and incentive fees of joint-venture structures.