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Market Issues

The Human City: Urbanism for the Rest of Us, by Joel Kotkin

Book Review by Roy Schneiderman, Real Estate Issues Special Edition, 2016

Schneiderman reviews The Human City for its major themes—children, crowding, and choice—and discusses what Kotkin does and does not achieve.

What If? Just, What If?: Autonomous Vehicles and Real Estate

by Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Americas, February 2017

The imminent autonomous vehicle, aka “self-driving car,” revolution will have real implications for real estate. Schneiderman uses a prudent skepticism to assess the potential impacts.

Science Fiction and Institutional Real Estate: Change is Coming Soon to the Industry

by Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Americas, April 2016

Schneiderman explores the potential impacts of automation on commercial real estate over the next twenty years.

Fact or Fiction?: Is the Long-term Impact of Millennials on Office Space Overhyped?

by Roy Schneiderman, Institutional Real Estate Letter, April 2015

While there is considerable focus on Millennial preferences transforming conventional office spaces to include open floor plans, more amenities, and less private spaces, advances in technology likely have an equal or greater impact on future real estate priorities and design.

The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream is Moving, by Leigh Gallagher

Book review by Roy Schneiderman, Real Estate Issues, 2014

Schneiderman reviews The End of the Suburbs and its anecdotal discussion of factors impacting the American residential real estate sector.