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Founded in 2001 by Roy Schneiderman, Bard Consulting provides independent, conflict-free, strategic real estate counsel to real estate investors on both domestic and international assignments, and to real estate occupiers.

Today, Bard Consulting consists of a core group of seasoned real estate professionals and has strategic alliances with multiple independent consulting firms that provide specialized expertise. Principals Roy Schneiderman, Faye Beverett, and Chris Miers have extensive experience analyzing real estate strategies, investment managers, and assets. Dean Altshuler, PhD, Principal, focuses on assignments that require substantial and sophisticated quantitative analysis.

Fees, Performance, And Other Quantitative Measures

Investment fees directly affect net returns and Bard can help minimize their financial impact by analyzing them according to various return outcomes, negotiating fees to meet your objectives, clarifying fee documentation, and reviewing manager fee calculations.

Investment Vehicle
Due Diligence

Bard evaluates the strategies, assets, managers, terms, and governance of real estate fund and joint venture vehicles so they meet our clients’ interests from the outset of the investment, before problems arise.

Real Estate Asset
Due Diligence

Bard’s dedicated team and third-party experts perform comprehensive due diligence on real estate assets for all major property types, from vetting and evaluating partners to aligning projected returns with client goals.

Portfolio Management Services

Bard assists in-house institutional investors assess, monitor, and restructure complex portfolios: evaluating performance and managers against objectives, assessing new strategies, managing wind-down, and performing debt reviews.

Investment Manager Operations Reviews

Investment managers are central to achieving client outcomes, and a review of manager operations by Bard will examine front and back office operations to assess the viability of processes, systems, and finances for short- and long-term success.

Fiduciary Opinions
Of Related-Party Transactions

Transfers between vehicles may be desirable if there are seed assets or the vehicles have different strategies or investor pools. Bard offers fiduciary opinions upon reviewing affiliates and assessing the terms and appropriateness of transactions.

Non-Profit Occupier Real Estate Services

Bard serves as an independent advisor to non-profit occupiers of real estate to help reduce costs and increase efficiency by developing strategic and financial models, in addition to researching and helping to negotiate lease/purchase/sale options.

Public Real
Estate Strategies

Bard’s extensive experience with public real estate strategies, in both domestic and international markets, situates us to give expert and conflict-free advice on strategy, implementation, benchmarking, managers, and fee negotiations.