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Real Estate Asset Due Diligence

Real Estate Asset Due Diligence


Real Estate Asset Due Diligence


Evaluating real estate assets thoroughly and thoughtfully ensures potential acquisitions meet our clients’ criteria. Mitigating real estate asset risks prior to investing can enhance returns and minimize risk.


Bard Consulting has performed approximately 200 in-depth asset management and incentive fee reviews since 2012.


Bard Consulting has analyzed portfolios and individual assets in all major property types, and with various strategies, risk profiles, and ownership structures. A particular niche specialty is residential land development and homebuilding. Bard has a qualified pool of dedicated staff and a significant pool of third-party expertise for property-specific analyses, which together provide comprehensive geographic, property type and physical due diligence expertise.

Market assessment

Bard independently vets the seller/manager market information by accessing a) market participants, such as property managers, tenants, and leasing/sales brokers; and, b) third-party market data. 

Individual asset business plans

Bard reviews proposed asset business plans for reasonableness and projected returns, and the proposed financing terms to determine if they are appropriate for the asset strategy and are at market. Bard works with the client and investment manager to mitigate any perceived asset risks. 

Projected returns

Bard prepares projected financial returns for individual assets and portfolios under different economic scenarios. 

Sponsor evaluation

In many cases, asset evaluations are related co-investment opportunities or otherwise involve a sponsor or investment manager. Bard evaluates the appropriateness of the sponsor or manager vis-a-vis the contemplated asset investment. 

Negotiation and documentation

Where appropriate, Bard assists investors in negotiating the deal terms and resolving issues identified during due diligence. Additionally, Bard assists legal counsel in properly documenting the transaction.