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Public Real Estate Strategies


Public Real Estate Strategies


Non-profit space occupiers (e.g., universities, transit agencies) focus on executing their core mission, and effective management of occupied real estate can help to reduce occupancy costs, increase employee efficiency, and ultimately enhance the organization’s ability to execute its mission. 

An independent advisor eliminates conflicts that arise when strategic decisions are formed by firms who may also be involved as service providers executing the strategy. 


Bard Consulting has assisted occupiers of approximately 700,000 square feet of office space analyze lease/purchase/sale alternatives for approximately 2 million square feet of existing buildings and 15 development sites.

Strategy development

Bard works with in-house staff to refine organizational objectives for its occupied real estate and develop optimal strategies.

Market surveys

Bard undertakes market surveys to assess potential lease, purchase, and sale options.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Bard assists in the evaluation of responses from the market, including lease proposals, purchase or sale offers, and development proposals.

Financial modeling

Working with staff, Bard determines what scenarios to be analyzed, obtains the relevant inputs, and creates tailored financial models with output that clearly demonstrates the extent to which the client’s objectives are met under various scenarios.

Negotiation Support

Bard works with staff and in-house or external legal advisers to negotiate leases, purchase and sale agreements, and other real estate agreements.